i am finally back from my destination wedding in England. so much to say. so many stories. so much tea and clotted cream. the wedding was the most beautiful sunny day in the countryside of England. far away from the bustle of London, and where this bride grew up as a little girl. The Village. […]

it was a busy and adventurous august but i can honestly say that i am happy to be back at home. back behind my desk. back to normal workouts. back in my bed. eating homemade meals and watching tv with my husband. back to back trips to alaska and hawaii for both work and pleasure […]

i love playing around with old film cameras. i do this more for personal use and experimentation, but it’s a great feeling to get a roll of film back and discover what you captured. shooting film takes me so beyond my comfort zone, that i am forced to really give up my control-freak tendencies. i […]