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colombia:: barranquilla + el rodadero


1- getting a full tour of the city of baranquilla with my cousin and her crazy driving, all while praying the car didn’t die on us in the middle of an intersection.

2- spending the day with the entire beach to ourselves, and just talking on the mattress huts and taking silly pictures

3- the amazing discovery of coco limeades.

4- seeing all the old photos of my family growing up

5- dancing rumba until 4am with the locals. i didn’t stand a chance.

6- when my cousin yelled at the bartendar across the beach that if he gave us tap water instead of bottled, she would return us to him herself where we could get diarrhea at HIS house. (thanks for that, monica :-) )

the theme of the next few days was :: family. we paused our backpacking ways for a bit to meet the family in colombia i didn’t even know existed!  it was quite the experience to see how they live, weird that my cousin monica could be my  mom’s twin sister, and unreal that there is this whole crazy colombian family of mine so far away…that could be an exact replica of the family i have and am close with in the US. the way they all interact, all yelling over each other, teasing each other, no one being able to get a word in….there are 3 girl cousins all close….just like me and my 2 other cousins who are super close…..doing the same things we do and making the same jokes as we do. i just sat there amazed that apparently my family is all crazy…whether it’s my US family or my colombian family!

we started out in baranquilla where my mom and all my aunts and uncles grew up. i met for the first time, my cousin monica, and we got to stay at her house….where she showed us how they do it in barranquilla :)

first stop….the beach…where they have mattresses to sleep in and were we discsovered coco limeades. oh i how i miss coco limeades…

the storyboard below sums up our second day. running errands all over barranquilla….to the post office, doctor, bank, grocery store, vegetarian restuarant, auto mechanic (you know…in case our car died….)

oh and there was the time i tried cow tongue and liver.

no, i don’t want to talk about it.

that house below…that is the house my mom grew up in. cool, right ? :)

if there was one thing i wish we had in the US, it was these fresh fruit  and juice stands on every corner.

i was on the hunt for colombian obleas all week. and monica made it happen for me :) seriously, the only way to describe it is 2 giant Eucharists (yes, like from church) stuffed with arequipe….which is colombian’s version of dulce de leche.

the ice cream on the right….monica took us to my papi beto’s (grandfather’s) favorite ice cream shop growing up. apparently he always ordered these malteadas….which is similar to chocolate frozen yogurt with guava syrup topping. sweet baby jesus this was good.

next stop…El Rodadero! reminded me of ocean city….colombian style! this was a girls trip with kim and i, and about 5 of my girl cousins. this is the same place where topless colombian men walk along the beach, chopping open coconuts and filling them with liquor. obviously we were only interested in the coconuts. obviously.  ;-)

we stopped at my aunt and uncles apartment while visiting….where i uncovered tons of photo albums of my entire family from when they were young. crazy, i tell you! she even pulled out this huge posterboard she is attempting to fill with a picture of every single member of the family on it- from colombia AND the US. those fuzzy album pictures you see are my mom and grandfather on my parent’s wedding day, and another one of my grandmother and grandfather when they were young. the portrait of the woman is my great- great grandmother. we went to dinner that night and took a HUGE family picture- it’s crazy to think i’m related to all of them!

it was great to meet my famiy in colombia, and we were lucky to get the unique experience to actually live like a colombian for a few days. it was hot, i was attacked by bugs, and i ate way more food then the FDA recommends….BUT…as always….i wouldn’t trade it for the world :-)

  1. MONICA PEREZ says:

    hay astricita como me he reido con tus notas de tu viaje, estoy de acuerdo en eso en todos estamos locos, creo que es un mal de familia, por que toditos somos locos desde niños, ninguno se salva, si hubieramos tenido mas tiempo te hubiera contado muchas locuras racedo, como cuando tu tia claudia espantaba al barrio entero vistiendose de novia a la media noche, eso lo dejamos para tu proximo viaje, de todos y cada uno hay un cuento loco, es que no alcanzo el tiempo para contarte todo….
    lo que si puedo apreciar es que tienes un don especial para escribir que lo heredaste de tu bisabuela PETRA DE DE LAS SALAS quien fue escritora, poeta y la mujer mas extraordinaria de la tierra……
    por eso te digo que falto tiempo…solo conociste una parte muy superficial de nuestra familia…
    pero espero que hayas sentido el amor tan fuerte que nos une, que ni el tiempo ni la distancia han podido disminuir, y que ahora sentimos por ti, y que nada ni nadie podra cambiar nunca jamas….te amamos irremediablemente….
    yo no manejo loco….por favor no me des mala fama….
    la limonada de coco puedes hacerla en tu casa…solo es limonada, leche de coco y full hielo…licuadoraaaaa……
    la heladeria donde te lleve es la HELADERIA AMERICANA, el helado preferido de tus abuelos FROSOMALT, que es con jalea de papaya.
    la playa en barranquilla donde fuimos se llama CHIRINGUITO, que queda en SALGAR, donde estan los colchones….deliciosooooo…
    hay que darle gracias a la tia vilma y el tio rafael por prestarnos su automovil que nos llevo hasta los limites del viento, creeme que por mi hubieramos ido mas lejos….
    cada vez que como OBLEAS a quien crees que recuerdo??…a ti…!!!
    me encanto verte bailar, tienes un ritmo latino defitivamente, que nadie sepa que ya era de dia cuando llegamos al apartamento, todo el rodadero quedo preguntando por ti!!!
    astry vuelve pronto….te espero con mucho amor….

  2. JORGE TERRAZA says:

    Que bonito trabajo de todo lo poquito que conociste me pareció fabuloso espero que sigas mostrando fotos de esta Colombia tan bonita que te falta mucho por conocer, espero que te halla gustado y regreses pronto, saludos a toda la famila un abrazo grande.

  3. Nathalie says:

    I knew our family was big, but it’s just weird that we are related to all of them. Glad to know they are cool like us. lol.

  4. Astrid Vargas says:

    Que hermoso!!!….No tengo palabras para describir lo que se siente ver a mi hija junto a su familia. Viviendo lo que yo algundia vivi junto a ellos. Oir a mi hija describirlos no queda mas que pensar que no importa donde estemos, la distancia que nos separa.. al final siempre seremos la misma familia con lo mismos genes y las mismas locuras que nos identifican. Nuestra casa fuera de que ya no tiene puerta de garage sigue siendo la misma. Cuantos recuerdos en ella. Y que lindo que mi hija tuvo la oportunidad de conorla y ofrecernos esta mangnifica foto que sera muy bien apreciada por todos nuestros sobrinos y nietos.
    Gracias por compartir con mi hija. Trajo muy buenos recuerdos de Uds. Lastima que omitio los comentarios acerca de la monumental prima Gladys. Pero es muy dificil ponerlo todo.

    Besos los quiero a todos

  5. {a}strid says:

    gracias monica y jorge! kim y yo nos divertimos muchisimo en barranquilla y rodadero! el proximo ves vamos mas dias! xoxo

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