in another life :: part 2

awhile back i did a post titled “in another life”  which described what i would  be doing if I wasn’t a photographer. Well, the things I mentioned in that post were all assuming I was running my own business. However, before I started running my own business I did work in the corporate world, so I thought it would be fun to wonder what I would be doing in another life…if I still had a corporate job.

Before I became a photographer, these were all things that highly interested me and some of them I actually researched programs for. Interestingly enough, some of them are somewhat related to what I do now.

1. Creative Director for an Advertising Agency or magazine. This was actually my original intent when going into the Creative Advertising program at VCU.

2. Work for a fashion magazine. Again, also somewhat along the lines of what I mentioned above. I wanted to be involved with ad campaigns, feature spreads, styling…everything.

3. Become a Registered Dietician. Though this is completely opposite from above, it does tie in into some of the things I mentioned in the first “in another life” post. I had gone so far as to research programs and schools and always have been fascinated with the industry of nutrition.

4. Work with patients that have Eating Disorders. Eating disorders and the mentality behind them have always intrigued me. Related to the Registered Dietician aspect, I didn’t want to look into being a Registered Dietician so that I could help people lose a few pounds. I was more interested in helping people who were truly struggling in life, whether it be from extreme obescity or disordered eating habits. It’s an area most people don’t know much about and yet the statistics show so many people struggle at some point in their lives. (The book “Wasted” by Marya Hornbacher is a really intense memoir of a girl who battled eating disorders for most of her life)

Super random list, but it’s always fun to play this game every now and then!




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