Italy | 10 Year Anniversary

Though I am a destination wedding photographer, it has been a long time since I really got to enjoy my travels without any itinerary. My husband surprised me with a 3 week European vacation for our 10 year anniversary throughout and to say this was the trip of a lifetime would be an incredible understatement. We took many trains, flights and 20k + steps a day throughout Italy, Austria and Czech Republic (with a surprise day is Slovakia) and it only made me want to come back for more.

Traveling is such a deep rooted part of who I am. It feels like there is so much of the world to still see, so many cultures to experience, so much food to be tasted! I was just so grateful to be there.

I thought I would share some favorites from Italy. We started in Rome, trained to Tuscany in Montepulciano, spent a day in Florence, trained to Naples, took a scary cab ride to Positano, and a ferry to Capri.

My heart still bursts when I think about these incredible 10 days in Italy.

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