in another life.

have you ever played the “what if” game? the one where you ask yourself what you would have been in another life?

if i hadn’t become a wedding photographer, i think i would have always run my own business in another life. sometimes i still think that it would be fun to run another type of business someday…way way down the road. a few businesses that are always floating around in the back of my mind as “what if”….

1. a family owned bakery and cafe. complete with a back patio full of white cafe lights that come on at night. live acoustic guitarist playing. wine and microbrews sold in the evening with select freshly baked goods and strong espressos. exposed brick, family recipes, and just a small space that always smells delicious.

2. be a health and lifestyle trainer. almost like a personal trainer with more of an emphasis on nutrition. i actually think i would love to do this with chris (husband). i especially would love to focus on people in serious need of weight loss who don’t know where to even begin their journey. so i guess i want to be jillian michaels? totally normal.

3. along the same lines, i think it would be fun to organize wellness retreats. all women, no men. typical retreats tend to be all yoga and salads, but i think it would actually be fun to mix it up. do yoga and crossfit in one weekend. have healthy meals with delicious cocktails that are healthier verisons of the favorites. i always imagine  having a beautiful summer one in a relaxing resort as well as a cozy winter one in a cabin in the woods. who is with me?

so there you have it. if i wasn’t a wedding photographer….perhaps there was another life for me out there? as much fun as those sound, i am completely happy with where i am!

what would you have been in another life?

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