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For us, it’s the experiences, the travel, the connections, and the iconic fashion of weddings that we love. This blog is our inside edit of all those things and more.  

Fall in our New Home.

I have written a few personal blog posts over the years. Some I just completely forgot to share in the throes of life. Some I chose not to share since I am constantly asking myself how private I want certain memories to be. And there are some that just went to the bottom of the to-do list. When there were so many weddings to share from clients of mine, and limited time to write, it was hard to justify posting personal posts. I’m hoping to now share more of the behind the scenes of not only the business, but life running a business, 10yrs later, as a mom of three kids and a mortgage, a wife of the most polar opposite human being I could have chosen for myself and laundry. Oh….so much laundry. This blog began when I was 25yrs old, and it has truly evolved in the same way life has. So here we are. The blog post below was written almost exactly one year ago. One year ago, we had just moved into our #wolteringfixerupper, and Carter was only weeks old. Hope you enjoy this little glimpse into an amazingly ordinary day.

Fall in Our New Home.

These little nuggets right here are my whole world. Her name is Charlotte, or also known as Charley, Monkey, Special Girl, Mrs. Potts and Sneaky. Our middle baby boy goes by Maddox, Buddy, My love, or Maximus if my husband is trying to annoy me. :) And as for our littlest…Mr. Carter Perry (Carty, Carty P) aka the surprise baby that made our family complete.

If at this moment I had to take a guess what she was going to be “when she grows up” it would be one of two things. An actress or a baker. Just the other day she watched a baking show were she learned how to bake a 3 layer cake. She watched this completely enthralled for TWO HOURS. She also will set up her kids tablet next to her and learn the lines and dance moves to entire movies, replaying them over and over until she knows every line and move to perfection. It really is mind blowing how all kids are so different. She has the wildest curls and most free spirit. Unlike my other two, everyone says she is a mini-me.

Maddox is our wild man. Always full of spirit, always ready for a sword fight or to swing on curtains. I look at him and completely illogically think to myself  “I literally have the cutest boy in the world.” I know it’s such a “mom” thing to say, but I just can’t see him any differently. He has the absolute best dimple on his right cheek. He flutters his eyelashes when he knows he is being watched. I never knew I would love being a “boy mom” so much.

Our little Carter. We are still getting to know him more everyday. He was only about two months old when these were taken and sleeping soundly. Carter was truly the best surprise addition to our family, and I look at him and can’t imagine it any other way. He is so snuggly, loves getting kisses on his tummy, and has had quite the battle with baby reflux and excema (and now we can add nut allergy to that list). Which really are no big deal in the grand scheme of things. I am too excited to see these three grow up together, create adventures together, and witness their sibling bonds start to form.

This was taken this past fall, shortly after moving in to our #wolteringfixerupper on the most beautiful crisp fall day that I just wanted to remember forever. I ran inside and grabbed the Contax and it was a very rare moment of wanting to shoot just for myself. I truly love these photos and that memory of the whole family enjoying our new home.


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