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St. Jacques Family | DC In-home Newborn Session | DC Family Portraits

The St. Jacques family—with their two gorgeous girls—was already one of my favorite families to photograph, so I was thrilled to join them for an in-home newborn session to capture the excitement of their newest addition, an adorable baby boy! As if their family wasn’t already adorably sweet, now it’s over the top, make-my-teeth-hurt syrupy goodness!

I joined the St. Jacques in their Washington DC home for their in-home newborn session, where we spent some time capturing these once-in-a-lifetime moments of immeasurable happiness and firsts. From the sound of the girls’ giggly laughter, to their wonder at watching their new baby brother just being himself, these moments are timeless. And the love. Oh, it was palpable. There’s something so indescribably perfect about the vibe a new baby brings to a family—the tenderness, the awe, the belly-laughing moments that tiny baby sounds bring. So funny and enough to bring huge heartsmiles to everyone!

What I love most about these in-home newborn sessions is that the space makes people feel comfortable, so they are more relaxed and easy in front of my camera. That, and it allows me to catch them in their every day, being themselves and doing what they do, which always creates images that feel so much truer to life than any other kind.

If you’re interested in a family portrait session in the Washington, DC, area, let’s chat!

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