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20 days.

20 days of outdoor showers and curly, frizzy island hair. nasi goreng for breakfast and watermelon cocktails for lunch. there were elephant rides (Anna the elephant is my soulmate) and monkeys who jumped on us and tried to steal our water bottles. surf lessons and open-air food markets. we hung out at our bartender’s local village, barefoot and happy and listening to their language. i gave the girls manicures, chris learned to play instruments with the boys. 20 days of chocolate cake in bed (where it tastes better) and avocado massages and milk baths. i really need to find a way to get a swim up bar installed in our living room. local artists opened up their studios to us, surrounded by the noisy jungle and serene rice paddies. we drank coffee made from civet poop… i do not make these things up. we celebrated valentines on a rooftop overlooking the ocean. i spent my birthday nursing my red burnt husband back to white-boy health. we walked miles barefoot along the indian ocean- which is as green as emerald and warm like bathwater. i witnessed a baby monkey driving a moterbike. (again, i do not make these things up). there was laid back nightlife and live bands. fresh coconut water that was literally chopped down right in front of me, sliced open, and stuck a straw in. street peddlers and sunsets of every color. i read 10 books in 20 days. yes, ten- and it was amazing. we went to temple and gave offerings on our knees, sending up all our wishes with the burning incense.

i wish i owned a baby monkey that drives a moterbike.

we started out in the artist town of Ubud, where the streets are lined with street peddlers, and locals trying to sell you anything you can think of. colorful, vibrant fabrics everywhere you look, charming restaurants with outdoor patios, and rice paddies surrounding the entire town. we woke up to roosters crowing, had breakfast every morning overlooking a waterfall, where a few local families would all jump in the river naked, bath themselves while the kids splashed and had fun. it was here was where we spent a day in a local village, learning what a day in the life would be like for them. it was very enlightening- some of my favorite moments were the most humorous. such as when even being in the middle of poor housing, with limited food, bedding and supplies….one of the first questions we were asked was if we had ever met Justin Bieber :) awesome. just as funny was how the mother kept staring, touching and playing with Chris’ arms- she wasn’t used to seeing arm hair. (Balinese people are practically hair-free). i remember one of the little girls who didn’t speak english, staring at me. after a moment of thought, she opened her mouth, pointed at me and said “beautiful.” my heart melted and i wanted to take her home. mother also kept touching and playing with my feet- she couldn’t believe how white and soft they were.  in bali, it is extremely hot- yet everyone is barefoot and the hot roads are just a way of life there. so even though in my eyes, i was in bad need of a pedicure…she couldn’t believe how soft they were. amazing the different perspectives.

from ubud we headed to the beachtowns of semnniyak, legian, and kuta. we lounged by the beach with drinks, surfed (attempted to surf) with some locals, watched kids playing soccer, and took full advantage of the amazing views from all the beachfront restaurants. my favorites were all the beach bars with bean bags in the sand, where we listened to live bands while having front row seats to the amazing sunsets. it was here (especially in semnyiak) that i felt i could live forever. a much slower paced life for sure- days filled with sun, surf, live music and cold drinks.

i decided about 24 minutes into our trip that the 22 hr flight was completely worth it. :)

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  1. leigh stickler says:

    Oh Astrid……what a beautiful story through pictures! Hope your trip was as wonderful as it looks through your lens. It’s soooo good to see you and Chris side by side again. Love you and thanks for sharing. xoxo always A. Leigh

  2. Mom woltering says:

    It’s beautiful! All of it! The land, the people, and especially the big smiles on the faces of my two. Love you.

  3. kristiaan says:

    wow astrid! i love love love your writing and the story and the photos – just beautiful! i’m also very jealous. even though we just got back from our wedding which was wonderful and magical, i found myself thinking, ‘why were we in guatemala, when we could have been in bali??!’ so glad you were able to do it!

  4. Lauren Hurley says:

    What a great post and BEAUTIFUL pictures!! Loved reading this :)

  5. Sarah Boardman says:

    BEAUTIFUL pictures Astrid. What an amazing adventure!!!!

  6. {a}strid says:

    kristiaan that is hilarious! guatemala is on my list :) congratulations on the beautiful wedding!

  7. {a}strid says:

    thanks everyone! definitely a trip of a lifetime!

  8. A. Buff says:

    WOWIE~Magical, Astrid!!! I’m with you….in the reeeeally wanting to be plopped in one of those beanbags with an umbella drink!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Fantastic Photos thx for sharing them!!!…. wheres the monkey riding the motorbike??? LOL

    send my love 2 U and Chris!

  9. {a}strid says:

    haha aunt buff we should get bean bags and umbrellas for florida! i WISH i had a picture of the monkey on a bike- we drove right by him! it was seriously crazy. i’ll pass it on to chris- love you too! xoxo

  10. Stephen says:

    The picture of the two surfers walking across the beach – I would put that on my wall! Beautiful stuff~!

  11. maria says:

    wow wow wow. every single shot is stunning! what an incredible journey it must’ve been. so jealous :)

  12. {a}strid says:

    thanks maria! it was :)

  13. Anita Harmon says:

    Wow! Amazing pictures!! Looks like you had a wonderful time!!

  14. {a}strid says:

    thanks anita! xoxo

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