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How To Get DC Monument Photos On Your Wedding Day

Some of the most iconic monuments in the world reside in Washington DC, and I consider myself lucky every day to be able to capture couples in love alongside these incredible structures. For many DC couples, monument photos are on the top of their wedding day must haves. But it’s not as easy as all that! Lucky for you, I’ve put together my fool proof plan on how to get DC monument photos on your wedding day.

Bride at washington DC monument, taken by astrid photo


Getting to and from your favorite iconic places is not always easy. Depending on the date of your wedding, your venue location, traffic, and crowds, it may take quite a while to get to and from the monument. Wedding days can fly by, and you don’t want to waste too much time running all over the city. I recommend going over your timeline with your partner and wedding planner to make sure enough time is allotted. 


Some DC monument areas require you to apply for a permit in order for professional photography to take place. This is a crucial step, but a relatively easy one as most permits are granted, depending on your timeline and group size. You can look in to the different types of permits and their prices here.

Bride and groom at washington DC monument, taken by astrid photo


No matter the time of year, or the time of day, you can pretty much guarantee that most DC monument sites will be flooded with people. These are not private areas, but I don’t want you to worry about that! This is your day and depending on the location, background crowds can be part of the charm! 


It’s important to have a plan for which monument sites you want to visit on your wedding day, but it’s equally important to be flexible on those plans. Often I will suggest that only the bride and groom should take part in monument photos. This can ensure we maximize time at the locations, reduce stress, and get as many amazing photos as possible. 

Bride and groom on balcony with washington DC monument in background, taken by astrid photo

Like I said, many couples consider DC monument photos on their wedding day to be one of the most important details, but if that’s not you, that’s okay! If you decide you don’t want to brave the crowds, maybe your venue has a great view from a balcony! Either way, it’s going to be the best day ever!

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