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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Bridal Detail Photos

You’ve spent a long time planning your wedding, and every aspect of the big day is important. As your photographer, I want you to get the absolute most out of your bridal detail photos. The best way to do this is simple organization. I’ve put together a useful list to help you get the most out of your wedding day timeline.

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Have Everything Ready

Have a list of all the details you’d like included in your photos and be sure to have them all gathered in ONE location. A good tip is to keep everything together in a shoebox in your getting ready room so it’s ready when I need it. Having your maid of honor designated for those things is helpful.

Don’t Forget The Pretty Things

There are so many extra details to include that you may not immediately think of. Consider purchasing a pretty hanger for your dress and maybe for your bridesmaid’s dresses too! There’s so many affordable personalized options on Etsy, or if you’re short on time, they would be easy to make!

Save Some Extras To Include

Be sure to save and include extra details leftover from the wedding planning. Anything from fabrics, lace scraps, stamps or florals can take your bridal detail visuals to the next level. Keep this in mind from the beginning of your planning as you’ll want to remember to keep items when having your dress altered and sending out your stationary. 

Don’t Forget Your Partner’s Items

Have both rings with the maid of honor and we will return it to your partner later. If you’re wanting to include any other items, such as ties, cuff links, or boutonnieres, these items should also be ready and available. 

You’re wedding day goes so fast and will be over before you know it! Having items organized and ready to go is the easiest way to stay on track on the day. Be sure to coordinate with your photographer, planner, and bridesmaids on what should be happening at what times. Having everyone in the loop will ensure optimal timing and collaboration for your big day!

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