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For us, it’s the experiences, the travel, the connections, and the iconic fashion of weddings that we love. This blog is our inside edit of all those things and more.  

this blog.

i have been blogging for over six years now. this blog has been through many facelifts through those years and has taken on various personalities. when i first started blogging i wasn’t exactly sure what i wanted the blog about. i knew i wanted to showcase my journey in photography, but i also had many other interests.

i feel there is so much more i have to say and contribute when it comes to random, everyday things. lifestyle type subjects that brides and non-brides may be interested in, even if they are not photography related. once weddings took over, it seemed almost every blog post was about a wedding, engagement session, or family shoot. while i loved being in my photography business, i still longed to just blog about those random things that peaked my interest and made me…me. books, fashion, home decor, budgeting, marriage, running your own business, health and fitness…you get the idea. i worried that if i blogged about too many of the random things, maybe the weddings and other shoots would get lost in the shuffle.

i also waver constantly about whether i should have personal posts on here. i go through phases, such as when i blogged about my husband being deployed in afghanistan. i blogged about that whole experience freely and was glad i did. but then i have felt more private about other events, including my pregnancy. i haven’t blogged my birth story, which i have been asked if i’m going to do. and i could, but a part of me wants to keep that day close to my heart for a little while longer.  maybe forever.

part of me wants to write from the heart. another part of me want to keep this blog about the work and leave my other interests and personal life in the safe bubble they are in.

so in the end i’ve decided i’m going to take the leap. i would like to post more things that reflect who i really am, outside of being a photographer. i don’t even know what this means exactly, i just know that i’m going to try different things. perhaps more lucy episodes are in store. :)

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